Sewing as Therapy

My last post about my first craft fair seems a long time ago now and although I’ve been quiet I have been doing a lot of sewing as therapy.  Yes my friends, we are in the time of the Corona virus and it’s been a real roller coaster of getting into the groove of life in lock down.  At first it was disbelief and needing something to calm me on a night with no pressure to think. I choose this:



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The good old faithful 2018 Fussycutting sew along quilt.  It’s still not finished but hand quilting this is a pure pleasure. Switching off with a bit of repetitive tiny stitching as I made my way round all the white paths.  I’m on the rainbow border now and almost half way round.  Maybe just maybe I’ll get it finished this year.

Sewing as therapy leads my mind on a wander and I found myself wanting a new challenge and I fell in love with a scrappy quilt from Sugar Bowl crafts.  A timely sew along that I was determined to take part in even though the management of the house went to the wayside a little.  My lovely man let me set up camp in the bedroom so that I could take a break away to sew here and there.  It is now where the machine has remained and I have got to this stage:



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Again not quite finished but using all the scraps up that I have been lovingly saving over the past few years felt worth it.  The reason for a stall in this project was the idea of realising my dream.. For ages now I’ve been talking to my family about writing my own patterns to sell for others to create.  That time is now.

My etsy shop has been having a few sales in recent times of which I am exstatic about.  It’s been a suprise to me as to what has been selling though and I felt the need to work on these sales and produce more.  It’s my scrap packs of pre-cuts that have been selling.  Knowing I have the ability to make more of these has driven my pattern idea and one I hope my fellow quilters and fabric lovers will appreciate what I am up to.  More on this another time!

My habit of a (my daugthers) life time is the Fussycutting Sewalong and once a week throughout her life I have been joining in with the challenge and this year is no different.  Along with all of the above I’ve also created my mini house blocks for a little bit of light hearted fun:

4 fussycutting sewalong blocks for sewing therapy

I’m really excited to let you know about my new quilt pattern very soon but I felt I needed this little moment of catch up in my blog life.  It’s beyond hard to do everything I love and one day I will sit down and give my blog the attention it deserves.  For now though head on over to Instagram or Facebook where you can keep a closer eye on me!


My First Craft Fair

It’s been well over a week since I attended my first craft fair as a maker for Two Tiny Makes.  It was a massive step and I am really pleased with my decision to do it.  When I saw the advert come up asking for crafters to book a table I at first thought no I wouldn’t be able to turn it around.  Then I slept on it and it still played on my mind, then I discussed it with my Dave and he didn’t dismiss it, which is a novelty.  Then I worked out how much time I had to get things ready and decided to go for it!

my craft stall of makes with the TwoTiny Makes banner

I still can’t quite believe I left the comfort of my Mummy bubble and took a leap of faith.  It was 4 weeks of constant sewing and to be honest i loved it and I had a massive list forming of “If I have time, I’ll make this” going on.  Of course I ran out of time and we had half term to contend with so I am keeping my list of to do’s for another time.

My friends all came out in support for me which gave me a massive boost early on in the day and I had a few sales throughout which of course is nice and made it worth it.  The best thing though are the lovely comments from strangers and fellow crafters that appreciate the amount of hard work that go into your craft…

All those hours!!

In the days leading up to the fair I had my layout in mind and I had used the quilt on the table as I hadn’t quite got the white sheet yet to go on it.  This quilt is my first ever quilt, one that took 2 years and one that I did all by hand.  This was before I knew using a sewing machine to make a quilt isn’t scary!  After a few days of it being on my table it struck a cord that as I am trying to sell my patchwork creations that it wouldn’t be that crazy to use this as my table top.  The banner came next and is a patchwork banner that I “whipped” up the week before the fair.  I love it and decided it was very me!

All in all a very lovely day, not too scary and one to make me smile.  I’ve decided to attend the next one too, I figure why not, after all I still have stock left over and new ideas to forge ahead with…   Come find me at the County Hotel in Carnforth on Sunday April 26th 2020.

In the mean time, I’ve been beavering away on my etsy shop, adding listings and new stock, I’ll be re-launching this at the weekend. If you haven’t already then sign up to my mailing list (by Friday 13th March) to receive a special one-off re-launch code to spend in the shop.  Exciting!!

Karen x

Personalised Pencil Cases

When I started school I always remember the yearly excitement of getting to pick a new pencil case and pens to fill it for the start of the new year.   A stationary lover through and through it was always the best feeling if I knew I had a unique pencil case that nobody else had.  If I could turn back the clock and have picked out something completely new unique, hand made and with my name on it I would do!  Making a personalised pencil case my own would be amazing.

two colourful personalised pencil cases with names on

Since becoming a parent of a small person that attends birthday parties I’ve had a bit of a handmade present obsession. Thinking back to my youth and the desire for something unique, the pencil case. Over the past few years I have honed in that skill of the pencil case to make it become the personalised pencil case that you see here in this blog post.  Lots of fun colours, a front zip and of course the childs name on the front!  Love them and so do all their recipients.

pink personalised pencil case


Now that most of the kids friends have had one I am starting to ponder what to make them as their next handmade present but that’s another story…  I love making these pencil cases and if you think you have a special someone that would like one too then please contact me and let me know!


£10 plus p&p – for a 5 letter name or under.  Add £1 per letter 6 and above.  Any colour combination of the case is possible, the letters are random depending on the colour of the letters I have in stock.


Hand Felted Norwegian Wool Cork Sketchpad

It’s not often when I start something that I don’t know what it will be when I get going.  So this Hand Felted Norwegian Wool Cork  sketchpad project has a bit of a back story to get into.

Quite often I let my Birthday pass me by without much of a celebration, even more so now that my daughters is 4 days away from mine. Hers will always end up being more special than mine.  So to counteract it this year I decided that I wanted to do something for me.  Learn a new skill.  There is a local wool shop to me Artisan and I go in and marvel at all the pretty colours but as a sewist they don’t normally have much for me.   This was where I decided to celebrate my birthday.

With my Mum!  We booked a day Welt Felting session with Libby to make our own piece of flat felt.  It was brilliant getting to work through the process, adding layer of lovely colourful Norwegian wool bit after bit.  I didn’t really have plan in place of what I wanted to create and choose Autumnal colours to create a swirly abstract piece of felt.  Here is my felt mid creation:

Norwegian Wool Hand felting process - swirls of colour

I took the felt home to ponder its fate.  I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to display it or make it into something.  A decision I sat on for a little while.  Meanwhile Somewhere else I was playing with cork fabric and thought how wonderfully natural it felt.  I paired it up with my wool felt and really loved how they looked together, I also thought that my felt piece had 4 strong corners.  I decided that splitting it up and creating something useful.  A note pad holder was my first thought, using a fabric to line inside and bind it so that a note-book could be inserted.

3 cork pound sketchbook covers

It was when I walked past my bookshelf upstairs for the umpteenth time that I noticed an old leather-bound sketchbook that I had bought from a London market many years ago.  I took it down and was disappointed to see that the leather had got worn and mouldy and even more disappointingly was that I hadn’t even used it.  Inside though were perfectly kept pads of handmade paper in perfect condition that I could repurpose for this project.

3 Norwegian Wool sketch pads with handmade paper showing

It was a good find to find again!  The whole effect feels and looks natural, the hand felted Norwegian wool, the soft flexible colourful cork bound in with hand made effect paper, sewn up by hand with a simple running stitch.  It all just feels and smells lovely.  The perfect sketchpad.  It just makes you want to sketch!

The whole process for these Hand Felted Norwegian Wool Cork sketchpads have been a dream and I have enjoyed working with all these new materials.  I’ll be heading back to Artisan in the future to buy supplies to make more felt pieces. For now though you might be wondering where the 4th corner is?   Well I only had enough cork to make 3 books so I have a spare piece of felt to work with in my future.  I can’t wait.

These Hand Felted Norwegian Wool Cork sketchpads are listed in my etsy shop if you are interested in a purchase?

It’s A Start


There’s been something missing in my world for a couple of years now and its time I give myself a little bit of a nudge and a bit of cyber time to start blogging again. I always used to enjoy it and I think I just burnt myself out with it before.

Before though I had forgotten how much I loved making, sewing, crafting etc. I rarely get through a day now without some kind of needle or craft blade in my hand even if it is just for 5 minutes. Creating things for people excites me, coming up with new design combinations excites me, it’s all just too darn exciting.

Kick starting my blog again though feels like the right time, I want to write again and writing about what I make just seems like a fabulous idea, sharing with you and keeping a record of what I can make along with it.

TwoTinyMakes has existed a fair few years now and is my little baby which I am slowly nurturing into bigger and better things as I tackle the ups and downs of full time parenting my little people. I’m loving it.

So, what am I sewing? Obviously lots of things but the most exciting thing I have come across this past week that I am joining in with is the #scrapbagsampler sewalong. A chance to sew my scraps, learn some new techniques and get to know a few people I’ve never met before over on Instagram. It’s week one at the moment and we had to create a flying geese foundation paper pieced block. I’m no stranger to FFP so it was a doddle to put together and using my precious Alison Glass fabric scraps I am in colour heaven:

4 litle blocks of flying geese triangles

Of course I jumped on the 2 size options, one being Tiny. This wouldn’t be TwoTinyMakes without a tiny make on the go!! I’m really looking forward to following this sewalong through and getting to know the ladies who have organised it. I’ll keep you updated as and when.

Thanks for stopping by, as I said this is a strart and I plan to keep adding to my blog over time.  For now though it’s time for me to go and get the kids to bed, night night


Tiny Owl Decorations

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and personalised tree decorations are my favourite. These little owls have the cutest pocket that can hold a chocolate coin and hang on the tree.

4 Tiny Owl decorations in 4 colours with embroidered names on

Would you like one then contact me


One owl is £10

All commission pieces are made to order and depending on demand can take a few weeks to make and I’ll let you know at the time how long I estimate that will be.

The Tub Family

When you find an amazing pattern you just need to roll with it.  This Tub Family pattern is by Rosie Taylor Crafts and is a delightful and most useful make with endless design possibilities.  These Rainbow tubs have been pieced together using 1″ scraps from the depth of my scrap bin and I am so proud of how they turned out and that it was basically free fabric sat waiting to be used up!

The Rainbow Tub Family a set of 3 Nesting Tubs in scrap stripey Rainbow fabric

Not content with just the one set of tubs I got carried away at Christmas time with a duo set for teacher gifts for my sons school and various raffles in the area.  I think they turned out great too:

Christmas Tub Family - 2 sets of 2 tubs or bowls in Christmas fabric


Would you like a set then contact me or keep an eye on my etsy shop as I often list new ready made things every now and then…


Prices depend on level of requirements, my rainbow tubs shown here were pieced together with 1″ scraps where as the Christmas Tubs are all one piece of material so the level of work varys.  Please get in touch to discuss your ideas and I’ll let you know a definate price.

Set of 3 tubs between £32 – £45 in price.

All commission pieces are made to order and depending on demand can take a few weeks to make and I’ll let you know at the time how long I estimate that will be.





Tiny Flying Geese Key Chains

These adorable keyrings are my upmost favourite tiny makes, they’re very labour intensive but the finished keyring is exquisit.  I’m not sure my photo does them justice.  Lots of tiny piecing and using up scraps!  The pattern I have used is by Michaelann please do check it out, if you sew yourself it is worth it!

3 Ornate patchwork Key rings with tiny diamond geese

Would you like one then contact me or keep an eye on my etsy shop as I often list new ones every now and then…


One keyring £18

All commission pieces are made to order and depending on demand can take a few weeks to make and I’ll let you know at the time how long I estimate that will be.



Love Hearts Set

There is something lovely about a quilted coaster that make me feel all warm and fuzzy.  I’ve made several for people and it always brings a smile on my face handing them over.  The love heart is a foundation pieced pattern by Kirsty at Quiet Play Designs and making it up with a geometric rainbow makes the heart pop.  Here they are:

Two Rainbow Love Heart quilted coasters

Not only that they are great in any colour and a brilliant scrap busting project using up all the tiny pieces that I have loving saved in my scrap bin.   I made the ones below as a wedding present for two newly weds. A perfect little gift for someone who has everything.

Quiled pink love heart coasters

These are really fun to make so if you like the look of them as a gift for someone you know or a present for yourself then please contact me.


Set of 2 Coasters £18-£22 depending on colours

Set of 2 Placemats £28-£32 depending on colours

All commission pieces are made to order and depending on demand can take a few weeks to make and I’ll let you know at the time how long I estimate that will be.