Tiny Rainbow Bonanza

Don’t you just love the name Tiny Rainbow Bonanza? Lots of rainbow, lots of squares, lots of fun. I love a simple counted cross stitch pattern, I also love rainbows.

I designed this pattern after creating the Tiny Rainbow Squares series, a set of six different 20×20 squares. There’s so much you can do with them and I wrote a post all about them over here.

Do you want to know the best thing about this pattern? You can get it here free by signing up to my mailing list and following the links.

I’m planning to brighten up my January with a super simple no strings or fuss sewing challenge by sewing one 10×10 stitch square a day for 25 days until I have another Rainbow Bonanza to add to my collection!

Do you want me join me, download the pattern and gather a few of the supplies below and ill meet you in January.

Equipment list Tiny Rainbow Bonanza

  • 14 count Aida cross stitch material 16cm x 16cm
  • Six colours of thread
    • Red DMC 606
    • Yellow DMC 973
    • Blue DMC 996
    • Orange DMC 741
    • Green DMC 704
    • Purple DMC 208
  • Needle, scissors and hoop if required

If using a hoop a 20cm (8”) one will suffice just make sure your Aida is 20cm plus to fit the hoop. You don’t need to use these colours you can use what you have. I think a non rainbow Tiny Bonanza would be pretty awesome too!

Need supplies?

I have a small number of ready to sew kits available over on Etsy but it’ll be first one first serve as I won’t be able to replenish them before I start

Let me know in the comments below if you are going to join me in making a Tiny Rainbow Bonanaza. I am going to start sewing on the 5th of January, but obviously you can really start whenever you want. Share your progress on Social media if you using the hashtag #tinyrainbowbonanza and tag me in @twotinymakes.

If there is enough people joining in that would like to have a zoom sew session or if your’re local an in person meet up to share our squares I’ll gladly arrange, just come and join my Facebook group “Sewalong with Two Tiny Makes“. It’s very Tiny and informal.

Hope you have a good Christmas and I’ll see you in January for a informal Tiny Rainbow Bonanza! Let’s fill January with some colour!

Karen x

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