The Tub Family

When you find an amazing pattern you just need to roll with it.  This Tub Family pattern is by Rosie Taylor Crafts and is a delightful and most useful make with endless design possibilities.  These Rainbow tubs have been pieced together using 1″ scraps from the depth of my scrap bin and I am so proud of how they turned out and that it was basically free fabric sat waiting to be used up!

The Rainbow Tub Family a set of 3 Nesting Tubs in scrap stripey Rainbow fabric

Not content with just the one set of tubs I got carried away at Christmas time with a duo set for teacher gifts for my sons school and various raffles in the area.  I think they turned out great too:

Christmas Tub Family - 2 sets of 2 tubs or bowls in Christmas fabric


Would you like a set then contact me or keep an eye on my etsy shop as I often list new ready made things every now and then…


Prices depend on level of requirements, my rainbow tubs shown here were pieced together with 1″ scraps where as the Christmas Tubs are all one piece of material so the level of work varys.  Please get in touch to discuss your ideas and I’ll let you know a definate price.

Set of 3 tubs between £32 – £45 in price.

All commission pieces are made to order and depending on demand can take a few weeks to make and I’ll let you know at the time how long I estimate that will be.





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