The Six Inch Block of the Week List

Back in December I wrote a blog to tell you about a new project I am planning on under taking – The Six Inch Block of the Week. Over Christmas I haven’t lost my enthusiasm for it so this week I am sharing with your The Six Inch Block of the Week List. A list of the blocks and the prep work that I am putting in this week to make the process of sewing a little easier.

I am chosing a variety of block styles, some old and some modern. Also if you read the post in December you’ll know that I am using 4 different fabric styles to try out colour combinations and styles to increase my skill set in this!

The Six Inch Block of the Week List

Some of these names are made up by me because as far as I know they don’t have one and will give them credit if it’s due. Depending on how long I extend this process I’ll add names to the list as I go.

  1. Churn Dash
  2. Open Window
  3. Jacobs Ladder
  4. Hello Cross
  5. Friendship Block
  6. Look Up
  7. New Album

This week it’s all about how to prep. I’m making 4 of each block and I like to cut it all out in advance. I use an envelope system and when the fabric is cut I put it in an envelope and label it so that when I have time to sew I can just pick an envelope and go!

A box of envelopes with fabric in

It’s as simple as that! After doing all prep work for my blocks I am really excited with my fabric choices. Getting the right colour combinations is always something that I struggle with but I am going to trust in the powers of the fabric and go with it!

The Six Inch Block of the Week is ready to go and I can’t wait to share this project with you!

See you next week, Karen x

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