Sewing as Therapy

My last post about my first craft fair seems a long time ago now and although I’ve been quiet I have been doing a lot of sewing as therapy.  Yes my friends, we are in the time of the Corona virus and it’s been a real roller coaster of getting into the groove of life in lock down.  At first it was disbelief and needing something to calm me on a night with no pressure to think. I choose this:



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The good old faithful 2018 Fussycutting sew along quilt.  It’s still not finished but hand quilting this is a pure pleasure. Switching off with a bit of repetitive tiny stitching as I made my way round all the white paths.  I’m on the rainbow border now and almost half way round.  Maybe just maybe I’ll get it finished this year.

Sewing as therapy leads my mind on a wander and I found myself wanting a new challenge and I fell in love with a scrappy quilt from Sugar Bowl crafts.  A timely sew along that I was determined to take part in even though the management of the house went to the wayside a little.  My lovely man let me set up camp in the bedroom so that I could take a break away to sew here and there.  It is now where the machine has remained and I have got to this stage:



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Again not quite finished but using all the scraps up that I have been lovingly saving over the past few years felt worth it.  The reason for a stall in this project was the idea of realising my dream.. For ages now I’ve been talking to my family about writing my own patterns to sell for others to create.  That time is now.

My etsy shop has been having a few sales in recent times of which I am exstatic about.  It’s been a suprise to me as to what has been selling though and I felt the need to work on these sales and produce more.  It’s my scrap packs of pre-cuts that have been selling.  Knowing I have the ability to make more of these has driven my pattern idea and one I hope my fellow quilters and fabric lovers will appreciate what I am up to.  More on this another time!

My habit of a (my daugthers) life time is the Fussycutting Sewalong and once a week throughout her life I have been joining in with the challenge and this year is no different.  Along with all of the above I’ve also created my mini house blocks for a little bit of light hearted fun:

4 fussycutting sewalong blocks for sewing therapy

I’m really excited to let you know about my new quilt pattern very soon but I felt I needed this little moment of catch up in my blog life.  It’s beyond hard to do everything I love and one day I will sit down and give my blog the attention it deserves.  For now though head on over to Instagram or Facebook where you can keep a closer eye on me!


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