Personalised Pencil Cases

When I started school I always remember the yearly excitement of getting to pick a new pencil case and pens to fill it for the start of the new year.   A stationary lover through and through it was always the best feeling if I knew I had a unique pencil case that nobody else had.  If I could turn back the clock and have picked out something completely new unique, hand made and with my name on it I would do!  Making a personalised pencil case my own would be amazing.

two colourful personalised pencil cases with names on

Since becoming a parent of a small person that attends birthday parties I’ve had a bit of a handmade present obsession. Thinking back to my youth and the desire for something unique, the pencil case. Over the past few years I have honed in that skill of the pencil case to make it become the personalised pencil case that you see here in this blog post.  Lots of fun colours, a front zip and of course the childs name on the front!  Love them and so do all their recipients.

pink personalised pencil case


Now that most of the kids friends have had one I am starting to ponder what to make them as their next handmade present but that’s another story…  I love making these pencil cases and if you think you have a special someone that would like one too then please contact me and let me know!


£10 plus p&p – for a 5 letter name or under.  Add £1 per letter 6 and above.  Any colour combination of the case is possible, the letters are random depending on the colour of the letters I have in stock.


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