My First Craft Fair

It’s been well over a week since I attended my first craft fair as a maker for Two Tiny Makes.  It was a massive step and I am really pleased with my decision to do it.  When I saw the advert come up asking for crafters to book a table I at first thought no I wouldn’t be able to turn it around.  Then I slept on it and it still played on my mind, then I discussed it with my Dave and he didn’t dismiss it, which is a novelty.  Then I worked out how much time I had to get things ready and decided to go for it!

my craft stall of makes with the TwoTiny Makes banner

I still can’t quite believe I left the comfort of my Mummy bubble and took a leap of faith.  It was 4 weeks of constant sewing and to be honest i loved it and I had a massive list forming of “If I have time, I’ll make this” going on.  Of course I ran out of time and we had half term to contend with so I am keeping my list of to do’s for another time.

My friends all came out in support for me which gave me a massive boost early on in the day and I had a few sales throughout which of course is nice and made it worth it.  The best thing though are the lovely comments from strangers and fellow crafters that appreciate the amount of hard work that go into your craft…

All those hours!!

In the days leading up to the fair I had my layout in mind and I had used the quilt on the table as I hadn’t quite got the white sheet yet to go on it.  This quilt is my first ever quilt, one that took 2 years and one that I did all by hand.  This was before I knew using a sewing machine to make a quilt isn’t scary!  After a few days of it being on my table it struck a cord that as I am trying to sell my patchwork creations that it wouldn’t be that crazy to use this as my table top.  The banner came next and is a patchwork banner that I “whipped” up the week before the fair.  I love it and decided it was very me!

All in all a very lovely day, not too scary and one to make me smile.  I’ve decided to attend the next one too, I figure why not, after all I still have stock left over and new ideas to forge ahead with…   Come find me at the County Hotel in Carnforth on Sunday April 26th 2020.

In the mean time, I’ve been beavering away on my etsy shop, adding listings and new stock, I’ll be re-launching this at the weekend. If you haven’t already then sign up to my mailing list (by Friday 13th March) to receive a special one-off re-launch code to spend in the shop.  Exciting!!

Karen x

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