It’s A Start


There’s been something missing in my world for a couple of years now and its time I give myself a little bit of a nudge and a bit of cyber time to start blogging again. I always used to enjoy it and I think I just burnt myself out with it before.

Before though I had forgotten how much I loved making, sewing, crafting etc. I rarely get through a day now without some kind of needle or craft blade in my hand even if it is just for 5 minutes. Creating things for people excites me, coming up with new design combinations excites me, it’s all just too darn exciting.

Kick starting my blog again though feels like the right time, I want to write again and writing about what I make just seems like a fabulous idea, sharing with you and keeping a record of what I can make along with it.

TwoTinyMakes has existed a fair few years now and is my little baby which I am slowly nurturing into bigger and better things as I tackle the ups and downs of full time parenting my little people. I’m loving it.

So, what am I sewing? Obviously lots of things but the most exciting thing I have come across this past week that I am joining in with is the #scrapbagsampler sewalong. A chance to sew my scraps, learn some new techniques and get to know a few people I’ve never met before over on Instagram. It’s week one at the moment and we had to create a flying geese foundation paper pieced block. I’m no stranger to FFP so it was a doddle to put together and using my precious Alison Glass fabric scraps I am in colour heaven:

4 litle blocks of flying geese triangles

Of course I jumped on the 2 size options, one being Tiny. This wouldn’t be TwoTinyMakes without a tiny make on the go!! I’m really looking forward to following this sewalong through and getting to know the ladies who have organised it. I’ll keep you updated as and when.

Thanks for stopping by, as I said this is a strart and I plan to keep adding to my blog over time.  For now though it’s time for me to go and get the kids to bed, night night


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