Choosing Your Fabric – The English Paper Pieced Crowns Sewalong

Welcome to an early bird insight to the English Paper Pieced Crowns Sewalong. The sewalong starts on Monday the 29th Nov 2021 but I am sneaking this post in early to take a look at choosing your fabric!

Firstly you might want to take a look at my last post which is the introduction to The English Paper Pieced Crowns Sewalong. Which explains a little bit more about the crowns, but also while we are taking a look at the fabric choices why not head over to etsy now and buy the digital pdf pattern to download and get ready for sewing:

From now until the 24 Dec 2021 there is a 15% discount use the code CROWNSEWALONG in the checkout or click the link above to activate.

Choosing your fabric

Now lets’s take a look at the fabric. I’ve gone on video, with my hands this time, to show you all the different designs I have used so far but being honest, this all about hints and tips, in reality you can use any colour and design that you want… Have a watch:

Hope that you liked it? I think that was the longest video that I have ever filmed and uploaded onto You Tube before. I’ll try and make them shorter next time! There was just so much fabric to choose from!!

Choosing my fabric

For the sewalong I am preparing 2 different crowns the Tiny Crown and the Bigger Crown, with a plan to make the Round Crown while you are sewing too! Here are the two different fabric choices I am planning to use:

As you can see they are beautiful selections and I described more in the video. On the Left is the Tree of life by Bee Brown. It has the cutest of prints on it and I can’t wait to see it finished!

On the right is my Kaffe Fassett fabrics, I never know the names of these prints I just love the bold and bright colours. They sing to me all the time.

If you fancy keeping me company over in my Facebook Sewalong group too come and click to join. It’s super small and personal at the moment so you can have me all to yourself!! Click “Sewalong with TwoTinyMakes“.

I’ll leave that there today for choosing your fabric. I hope that you have picked up some hints and tips from the video and feel a touch braver in selecting the fabrics for your English Paper Pieced Crowns. I do hope that you will join me for the sewalong which officially kicks off on the 29th Nov 2021.

Give me a shout out on the socials @twotinymakes and don’t forget to use your hashtag #englishpaperpiecedcrowns


Karen x

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