Being Creative Makes Me Happy

Throughout my life I have always been creative. Being Creative Makes me Happy. Totally Happy. I have always worked on one craft or another throughout my life, from being very small to having very small people now.

It hasn’t been until these later years that I have started to see a correlation to my mood. Have you ever had a mood drop so low that it feels like you can’t climb out? This happens to me, it’s like when it’s been constant rain without any light. Then something happens….

I pick up a needle and thread, I sew, the repetitive nature of sewing, takes away the dark and really starts to make a shift in my mind. It starts to make me happier. I now know that if It’s been a few day since I’ve sewn or created, I can feel it in my bones, the itch that I need to sew, to create.

text: being creative makes me happy

The Emotional Benefits are real

  • The opportunity to express yourself
  • Gain confidence in learning a new skill
  • Regulates stress by having something to focus on
  • Builds perseverance and patience by completing a project
  • Satisfaction of seeing something through

It doesn’t even need to be sewing, that’s just my current way of life. When my son was born I got into blogging and writing. I wrote all the time, daily, weekly, it was a way to release what was going on in my head into the world. The pressure of being a new Mum and responsible for a tiny person, with tiny hands and feet felt less overwhelming if I wrote it down.

I stumbled back to sewing when my second was born, I have always sewn but sewing around the little people has been different. I have shown them my need to be creative and they accept that Mummies craft is her thing. They join in with me they help me and guide me. Being Creative makes me Happy. I think they can see that.

Being Creative can make anyone happy. I always encourage my partner to be creative, I can’t say drinking the beer is creative but he enjoys listening to music and radio shows, using his imagination, a cognitive skill, to visualise what is on. It comes in many different forms this creativity lark!

The Cognitive Benefits are high

  • Improved decision making
  • Stronger problem solving abilities
  • Practice for planning complex tasks
  • Sharper visualisation skills
  • A longer attention span

How I feel when I have got the end of a long project is like nothing else. Especially the ones that have taken me years like my Half Inch Hexie I-Spy Quilt. It was a true mission of joy, friendship and perseverance. 1000’s of hours for a true heirloom piece:

The Physical Benefits too…

  • Improved fine motor skills
  • Increase in your senses
  • Lower stress levels through concentration on the quiet
  • Strengthen hand eye co-ordination

All the tiny sewing I do really does strengthen my fingers and the dexterity of what I am capable of achieving.

Lots of reasons for being creative! Being Creative Makes Me Happy! How about you? What crafts and creativity do you do to make you happy? Do you still want to find your creativity release? Share in the comments below.

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