Basting – English Paper Pieced Crown Sewalong

Day 2 of the English Paper Pieced Crown Sewalong and we’re skipping to the basting. Yesterdays video was all about cutting fabric, which if you’re not sure I’d go and check it out. But today it’s time to baste.

If you’re not sure what fabric to choose take a look at my sneak peak blog all about the types of fabric you could use. The possibilities are endless of course but it always helps to get ideas! Here.

Most people start their English Paper Piecing journey basting hexagons, this is a next step on, as these are freestyle shapes that make up the Crowns. Perfectly doable but just a little bit different.

My pattern which you can get from Etsy has instructions in on how to baste some of the Crowns shapes but I thought it’d be nice to show you in a video. Here:

Tips for today

  • Keep all your numbers the right way round and up
  • Secure the paper piece to the fabric by sewing through the paper and fabric to anchor it in place
  • Anchor the edges by sewing through the paper
  • Clip each shape together so you don’t loose track of them

As it takes a while to baste shapes I will leave you until the weekend when we will be joining our pieces together. This has been a quick and fun blog today.

Don’t forget to share your progress over on your socials, tag me @twotinymakes, use the hashtag #EnglishPaperPiecedCrowns or come and join my Facebook Group. I always love to see your progress.


Karen x

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